Pantry Supplies


We can deliver not only to your door but right up into your fridge. Our partner dairies deliver in plastic and glass bottles.

Wellness at Work

We trail endless trade fairs to keep our customers abreast of the very latest, properly healthy snacks. We have amazing relationships with the manufacturers who happily send out samples to our customers.

Office Moves

Moving office? Needing supplies FAST? This is our forte. Even if you don’t know what you’ll need, we do and we can get it to you in no time.

Treats, Meets & Parties

We supply all types of treats for every occasion. Whether it’s heavenly breakfast pastries, award winning salted caramel brownies, birthday cakes, buffets, canapes or party food. We can supply all these and more, charging on a monthly itemised invoice.


We get great rates on commercial catering equipment so fridges, bean to cup coffee machines, microwaves, kettles, hot taps, and water coolers. We can quickly kit you out with crockery, cutlery, glassware and more bespoke items such as something lovely for your sweets on reception.

We shop between our supplier network to keep your prices keen. With lots of wonderful suppliers up our sleeves we can help with all sorts of requests, from an enormous delivery of hot cross buns to a dozen immaculate butlers for a photo shoot!

Say goodbye to credit card reconciliations and recharges and spend your precious time to get on with more important things. We can even allocate costs to your cost centres!