Let us know your budget and we’ll design the cafe that works for you. We offer a bespoke cafe catering service every time. Who will our customers be? How do they like to eat and when? Crucial questions if the LP Cafe is to be used as a popular choice for breakfast, lunch and snacks. We can take the lead and design your cafe, write the menus, develop the product range with your team, our potential customers, in mind.

The LP Cafe will introduce constant change, promotions and effective communication. What works? What do people buy in the cafe? And how do we maximise that sale? The footfall will tell us when we get it right. This is only the beginning. The catering team at LP Food at Work will toil tirelessly for you. We’ll listen to you, your thoughts and observations and show you what really works with menus, design and flow in your facility. You talk, we listen, we deliver.