Was there a lion on your egg this morning?

Was there a lion on your egg this morning?
15th January 2019 Charlotte
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Only Heritage Breeds™ speciality hen eggs carry the Lion Quality stamp of approval. This means they follow one of the highest quality standards in the world, ensuring all eggs are safe, thoroughly nutritious to eat and are delivered from farm to us in as little as 5 days from date of lay.

We endorse Heritage Breeds™ belief that a blend of the traditional, with a modern approach to breeding and husbandry makes for impeccable quality eggs that taste the best. Unlike free range eggs, Heritage Breeds eggs come from birds with proven breed credentials.

They have been traditionally reared, fed on nutritious and wholesome vegetarian diets and genuinely cared for in smaller flocks on hand-picked British farms.

Unlike most free range eggs which are laid by commercialised hybrid hen breeds, speciality hen eggs come from birds with proven breed credentials and enjoy far more space to roam.

This ensures the eggs look better than normal free range, cook better and taste as good as it is possible for fresh British farm eggs to taste.

LP Food at Work urge you to try these ultimate eggs and taste the difference.