Food Made Good Awards: Treating Staff Fairly

Food Made Good Awards: Treating Staff Fairly
4th October 2018 lpadmin
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We were one of the finalists at Monday night’s Food Made Good Awards in the Treating Staff Fairly category.

It has taken LP Food at Work a number of years to reach the position where EVERY member of Staff is paid at least the London Living Wage. We are especially proud of this achievement considering we learned only last week the shocking, deplorable and embarrassing news that our Hospitality industry has the highest number of jobs paid below the National Minimum Wage of any sector – this data was released by HMRC.

More than 50000 jobs within the sector were paid below the minimum wage in April 2017. This was more than double than the year before and the highest number since the National Minimum Wage came into force.

This is outrageous. How is this still happening?

Caterers need to put a true value on their staff and recognise their massive contribution to our businesses.

Forget just trying to get away with paying the minimum wage. We should ALL be committed to changing this and enhancing lives by trying to pay the Living Wage.

As an industry we need to be encouraging people to join us to make a good career and enjoy a great profession. Until we pay decent, attractive wages the Catering/Hospitality sector will never be perceived as a desirable occupation compared to others.